• Errors After A Redirected Restore!

    September 18, 2004

    ADM1814E The current log path “/ PATH/NODE0000/” is invalid. ADM1811E DB2 will now switch to the default log path “/PATH/NODE0000/SQL00004/SQLOGDIR/”. Whether you are restoring to a different machine or on the same machine never forget to change the NEWLOGPATH Database Parameter. If you don’t DB2 will switch to default log path. This will not be […]

  • DBA Dilemma

    September 17, 2004

    This is a very nice artice. Talks about DBAs. http://www.dbazine.com/edba9.shtml

  • Migrating from AIX to Windows

    September 15, 2004

    There are the steps that i followed to migrate… Haven’t done the move on Prod DB. Will update with changes if any. STEPS: DB2 doesn’t support cross platform back-up and restore between AIX & Windows. Thus redirect restore cannot be used. But DB2 UDB has tools to achieve this task. db2move – Used for moving […]

  • Welcome

    September 15, 2004

    Hi all DB2 DBA’s out there Come Share your thought’s findings…

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