• SQL10004C An I/O error occurred while accessing the database directory

    February 18, 2005

    If there were no changes made to the Hardware. Then its most likely that the database directory file sqldbdir is corrupted. You will not be able to create new databases, connect to or drop existing databases. Solution: Move all the files found in “sqllib/sqldbdir” to a different location. Now catalog all the databases. For Local […]

  • Include logs in online backup (As of DB2 8.2)

    February 15, 2005

    db2 BACKUP DB “dbname” ONLINE TO “backupdir” INCLUDE LOGS Above command includes the logs required to restore the database and bring back the database to a consistent point. And to restore db2 RESTORE DB “dbname” FROM “backupdir” LOGTARGET “logdir” ROLLFORWARD DB “dbname” TO END OF LOGS AND STOP OVERFLOW LOG PATH “logdir” To restore just […]

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