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  • Cataloging AS/400 database on DB2 Connect

    October 14, 2005

    Command sequence to catalog AS/400 database in DB2 Connect: db2 catalog tcpip node <node_name> remote <host_name> server <port_no> db2 catalog dcs database <local_name> as <real_db_name> db2 catalog database <local_name> as <alias> at node <node_name> authentication dcs Command sequence to catalog the as/400 database that was already cataloged in DB2 Connect. db2 catalog tcpip node <node_name> […]

  • SQL0031C File sqllib/bnd/db2clish.bnd could not be opened and SQL0805N

    August 4, 2005

    Received the above while accessing DB2 database from MS Access. db2clish.bnd was not found in the local machine. Binding the files didn’t help o “DB2 bind @db2ubind.lst blocking all grant public” for the DB2 utilities. o “DB2 bind @db2cli.lst blocking all grant public” for CLI. Re-installing the DB2 client fixed the problem.

  • DB2 Stats!

    July 26, 2005

    Instance Uptime db2 get snapshot for dbm | grep -i start Last Backup Timestamp db2 get snapshot for db on dbname | grep backup Database Activation timestamp db2 get snapshot for db on dbname | grep First

  • SPM0438 The Sync point manager recovery log is bad

    May 5, 2005

    You might also see the following message when starting DB2 SQL5043N Support for one or more communications protocols failed to start successfully. However, core database manager functionality started successfully. or with the following message and db2 will not start. SQL5042N One of the communication protocol server support processes failed to start up. Solution: Stop the […]

  • High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR)

    April 8, 2005

    High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) 1. How to Set Up and Initialize HADR Consider two test instances: Primary Site: Host Name: ABC.COM UDB V8.2 Instance: db2inst1 Database: HADRTEST Standby Site: Host Name XYZ.COM UDB V8.2 Instance; db2inst1 Database: HADRTEST Step by step: 1. Make sure that file systems, table spaces and the containers are identical […]

  • db2licm

    April 6, 2005

    SQL8000N DB2START processing failed. Cause: License Expired or License key have not yet been added. If you get this after installing You might have to add the license key As root /usr/opt/db2_08_01/adm/db2licm -a /ese.sbcs/db2/license/db2ese.lic License added successfully!! SQL8017W The number of processors on this machine exceeds the defined entitlement of… db2licm -n “Product identifier” “Number […]

  • SQL0443N Routine “*RCH_1K16” (specific name “”) has returned an error SQLSTATE with diagnostic text “CTE0101 A search engine operation failed

    March 9, 2005

    Received this error while trying to do db2text (NetSearchExtender) operation on a database that was restored from a different machine. Noticed the text index was not there in the restored databases. Recreating & Updating the Text index helped.

  • SQL10004C An I/O error occurred while accessing the database directory

    February 18, 2005

    If there were no changes made to the Hardware. Then its most likely that the database directory file sqldbdir is corrupted. You will not be able to create new databases, connect to or drop existing databases. Solution: Move all the files found in “sqllib/sqldbdir” to a different location. Now catalog all the databases. For Local […]

  • Include logs in online backup (As of DB2 8.2)

    February 15, 2005

    db2 BACKUP DB “dbname” ONLINE TO “backupdir” INCLUDE LOGS Above command includes the logs required to restore the database and bring back the database to a consistent point. And to restore db2 RESTORE DB “dbname” FROM “backupdir” LOGTARGET “logdir” ROLLFORWARD DB “dbname” TO END OF LOGS AND STOP OVERFLOW LOG PATH “logdir” To restore just […]

  • Setting up Tomcat for DB2 and some tips

    November 16, 2004

    NOTE: These were tested on win2k “C:jakarta-slide-2.0-tomcat-5.0.19” is mentioned as $CATALINA_HOME Pre-Requisites: DB2. Latest Java SDK Steps: Set an Enviromental Variable “JAVA_HOME” to the Java SDK’s Home Directory. Download & Install the latest binaries from Apache’s Site (Get *.exe for windows to install as a service) Copy “C:Program FilesIBMSQLLIBjavadb2java.zip” file to C:jakarta-slide-2.0-tomcat-5.0.19commonlib” and rename the […]

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