RAHTREETHRESH and Permission denied errors

February 5, 2014

On our DPF environment(DB2 10.1 on Linux) with 195 partitions, non-instance owner userid’s would receive permission denied errors for RAH & db2_all commands.

Permission denied (gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,publickey,keyboard-interactive).

DB2RSHCMD has been set to SSH, and I did have SSH configured to access without password. An SSH into the host would succeed without a password prompt or any errors.

Upon looking at the IBM documentation, i came across the environment variable $RAHOSTLIST that can be set with the host lists to be used for the RAH commands that would overide reading from db2nodes.cfg

So i try with just a couple of nodes

export RAHOSTLIST=”hostname1 hostname2″

And the RAH command would work without any issues, So i added a few more hosts to the list it would work until 15 servers.

Back to the IBM Info center and realiaze there is another environment variable $RAHTREETHRESH which defaults to 15. Increased it to the number of physical servers in the db2nodes.cfg and it worked without setting the $RAHOSTLIST

And set the $RAHTREETHRESH to total number of partitiones to have db2_all commands work.

More details on the $RAHTREETHRESH Here

As you could see its meant for performance reasons, but it isn’t working as it supposed to be.

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