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  • Parallel export for partitioned tables

    October 25, 2005

    db2_all “<<+$nodenum<db2 connect to $dbname; db2 export to $filename of del select * from $tablename where nodenumber($partitioningkey)=$nodenumber” Example: db2_all “<<+11<db2 connect to testdb; db2 export to /backup/test_table.del.11 of del select * from test_table where nodenumber(ID) = 11; db2 terminate” NOTE: Useful for large tables. Be sure to export all the partitions in which the table […]

  • Cataloging AS/400 database on DB2 Connect

    October 14, 2005

    Command sequence to catalog AS/400 database in DB2 Connect: db2 catalog tcpip node <node_name> remote <host_name> server <port_no> db2 catalog dcs database <local_name> as <real_db_name> db2 catalog database <local_name> as <alias> at node <node_name> authentication dcs Command sequence to catalog the as/400 database that was already cataloged in DB2 Connect. db2 catalog tcpip node <node_name> […]

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